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About Us

3K Limited Partnership was organized to invest the capital of a private family trust. 3K's capital source is entirely internal and permanent. 3K’s objective is to be the partner of choice for management teams that are seeking capital in order to implement growth strategies that create meaningful shareholder value.

3K has an extensive history partnering with management teams of both private and public companies and has a successful track record as a value-add control or minority investor. The firm’s principals have over forty years combined experience identifying attractive investment opportunities and partnering with successful operators. 3K maintains the flexibility to invest in a wide range of businesses.

Many investment organizations are focused solely on public investing, while many others are entirely driven by private equity investing. 3K has often focused its resources on the intersection of these two strategies. That is, we have the experience to lead control acquisitions of privately owned businesses as well as the capability to exist as a large minority investor in relatively small capitalization public companies. The principals have a track record of success and experience in sourcing, structuring and partnering with management in these niches. The capital that we dedicate to any new investment can be structured creatively in order to support a business plan through extended growth and/or transition.







3K Limited Partnership is a unique investment partner providing creative patient capital in support of long term value creation.

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