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Investment Criteria

3K Limited Partnership seeks to partner with outstanding executives and management teams. We are drawn to individuals with passion and who are emotionally and financially committed to their business.  We are looking to affiliate with individuals who desire a business and financial partner to drive enduring growth. We look to invest in businesses with (i) unique and defensible market positions, (ii) a diversified base of customers with strong retention, (iii) a track record of innovation and organic growth, (iv) scalable business models, and (v) identifiable future growth prospects. While 3K has no investment restrictions, our general criteria are as follows:

Investment size:
$3-25 million
Investment structure:
Equity or debt under certain circumstances
Control or minority positions in privately held businesses
Large minority positions in small publicly held businesses
Capital Uses:
Management buy-outs, corporate divestitures
Growth capital, recapitalizations
Privatizations, select turnarounds or restructurings
> $10 million
Geographic focus:
North America preferred, but otherwise unrestricted
While we have no formal industry mandate, we are well versed in numerous industries including manufacturing, business services, specialty distribution, industrial and infrastructure services, IT services, technology and software, consumer products and services.

3K does not invest in start-up or early stage businesses.




3K is a responsive and creative organization.  We will provide a thoughtful solution and guidance so that you can achieve your business objectives.


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