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Our Approach
      Insight, Integrity, Experience

3K Limited Partnership is an experienced long term investor with a proven approach of working alongside management to implement strategies that lead to enduring value creation. 3K desires to associate with operators that have a common sense approach to business and a deep appreciation and intuition for people who comprise the most critical resource of any organization. We believe in focusing our own resources on only a small handful of investments at any one point in time. Our investment philosophy is very personal in that we like to associate with people whose integrity, intellect and sense of humor we can admire.

3K’s capital is internal, permanent, and patient providing for very flexible structures to support the long term initiatives of our partners. Our capital has no time constraints meaning our investment horizon is largely determined by the needs of the businesses in which we invest. We do not have external investors and therefore have no limitations or restrictions typically associated with traditional capital sources. We have no formal approval process or investment committee which allows us to move quickly and efficiently and ensure certainty of closing. We believe these unique attributes create a true alignment of interest and make 3K the partner of choice in executing a business plan and creating long term value for all.

We have extensive service as board members, including as Chairman, of public and private companies leading strategic change and value creation. The principals of 3K have served as management's primary partner and have the capabilities to provide the services that many small companies might lack, including but not limited to:

➢   strategic planning
➢   internal and external growth analysis
➢   driving performance improvement through best practices
➢   assistance in identifying and consummating add-on acquisitions
➢   sourcing, structuring and negotiating bank financing with quality institutions
➢   assistance in owner/management transitions
➢   identification and recruitment of senior level personnel




Successful businesses are built over the long term with clear strategic plans and patient, flexible capital.


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